Saturday, 22 December 2007


We’ve just completed a different annual pilgrimage: spending a couple of days in Whitstable on the north Kent coast to celebrate David’s birthday. It’s a trip we’ve made for the last seven years or so, and over the years have seen gales sweeping the waves onto the roads, frozen sea, hail and crisp sunshine that brought out the marsh harriers and partridges to play on the walk to Faversham. One year we collected bagfuls of Whitstable oysters off the beach after the storm, and took them home for a free Christmas Day starter.

This year, we had a second motive for the visit: beach combing for scallop shells for our hats and rucksacks next year. The throw-outs from a restaurant on the beach were a treasure trove that yielded many colours and sizes for us to choose.


Anonymous said...

Best of luck

Anonymous said...

Now I know you have made a start on your journey, I will be checking in regularly and thinking of you both. Enjoy every moment!

Much love,