Sunday, 6 January 2008


Our warm family Christmas was filled with noise and teasing. Too much news to share – conversations started and never quite completed before another story came leaping by. The luxury of afternoons playing games together. When, besides Christmas, do adults play?

We talked a little about our departure, just a week away, and received some thoughtfully nifty little presents. We couldn’t conceive of not picking up the thread with these people again in a few days or weeks. We had planned such little fanfare for our leaving that we forgot we were leaving at all.

Which is how come New Year’s Eve was spent defrosting the fridge and watching the machines at the local laundrette, as it finally dawned on us we couldn’t leave sheets and towels festering in the laundry basket for a whole year.


Kevin said...

Glad it is going so well. Charlie is over the worst now. Photos of him with yourselves all kitted up is cute. Cheers - K

Anonymous said...

He made me think of a hobbit!